The Chalk Artist

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Published by: Dial Press
Release Date: June 13, 2017
Pages: 352
ISBN13: 978-1400069873


The Chalk Artist is a love story involving a young teacher, a brilliant chalk artist, and a teenager chasing his dreams in video games.  The novel is about the seductive power of the imagination in words and images, online, and on the page.

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"A shapeshifter, The Chalk Artist is a romance, sci-fi thriller, and a novel of ideas. As Collin and Aidan caper in virtual realms beguiled by rich, nihilistic techies, Goodman raises serious questions about gaming as a form of disempowerment and a possible gateway to violence."
The Boston Globe 

Review of The Chalk Artist in The New York Times Book Review.  


Review of The Chalk Artist in The Atlantic. 

"In Goodman's inventive and moving new novel, an interlocking set of characters raise provocative questions about art and relationships."
The National Book Review

"Coming of age stories never get old, and here's an especially sweet one . . .  Despite the high-tech plot points, it's an old-fashioned romance that's wise and tender."
The Daily Mail

"By the end of the novel, I was awkwardly hiding my puffy eyes from the strangers seated around me on my late-night flight."
The Michigan Daily

"How’s this for a challenge? Write a novel about virtual-reality gaming and high-school teaching, and make it a story that adults and kids will find hard to put down. In her new novel, Allegra Goodman creates suspense where you might least expect to find it."
The Atlantic

"Once again Allegra Goodman displays her extraordinary talent, range, and reach. Who else could write such a tender, soulful novel about love and speculative virtual realities?"
Lily King, author of Euphoria

"This deft novel is filled with the exquisite pleasures one expects from Allegra Goodman, richly layered and emotionally resonant.  I absolutely devoured it."
Geraldine Brooks, author of People of the Book

"What begins as sparkling love story of an idealistic young teacher, Nina, and artist Collin, who works only in chalk, become a stunning rich exploration of whether love, art, literature, and nature can compete with breathtaking virtual worlds."
Helen Simonson, author of Major Pettigrew's Las Stand